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Hal Puthoff’s Ultraterrestrials Paper Finally Released

A theoretical paper on Ultraterrestrials, written by Dr. Hal Puthoff, and spoken about for years, has finally been published by the Journal of Cosmology. Many in the UFO community have been asking to read this paper for a very long time. Like many releases, it is receiving mixed reviews from social media users. Thank you to, Jon, for sharing. Click the link below to read the paper.

Ultraterrestrial Models by Dr. Hal Puthoff

2 comments on “Hal Puthoff’s Ultraterrestrials Paper Finally Released

  1. Well conceived and laid out POA.

  2. Brent Hale

    Extremely interesting paper… will take the time to read it and get a feel for it. I really think that papers like this on the UFO/UAP subject will (hopefully) promote more serious examinations on the subject and move away from the Condon Report type model. Not to mention papers in the more professional journals will help in this aspect as well.

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