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Commercial Pilots Report Multiple UFOs/UAPs Near Ireland

Thanks to Jamie Keyworth for this lead. In a currently breaking story with accompanying audio, commercial airline pilots have reported multiple UFOs/UAPs being spotted off the coast of Ireland. This amazing report is reminiscent of Tyler Rogoway‘s two breaking stories in the past year near Arizona and Oregon. Audio evidence in these three stories, Oregon, Arizona and now Ireland, is very compelling and what makes these stories stand out. The fact that three high caliber reports have been printed in the last twelve months, where the public is able to hear the pilots speaking about their sightings, is astounding. The audio adds a major layer of credibility. As this goes viral around the world, hopefully more information will come out. I’ve already spoken to a bigger news agency that is investigating the sightings and planning to publish a report. I will be following this story and updating it as more information becomes available.

Update 11-12-18:

Tyler Rogoway and Jason Trevithick have written the definitive article on the sighting. Mr. Rogoway’s historic work and breaking stories over the past year with Time Inc./Meredith Corporation’s and, have forever changed how UAP stories will be reported. The War Zone and The Drive are not UFO websites. When they cover a story it is taken much more seriously than when a niche UAP outlet runs it. I’m honored to have been mentioned in the article.  This quote from their report succinctly sums up the sighting:

“While objects regularly enter the earth’s atmosphere, and some are quite spectacular looking if they make it to lower altitudes, they do not fly up alongside aircraft, make hard lateral maneuvers, and then accelerate away at high speed. And they definitely don’t climb away after descending. Pilots see shooting stars more than most and they aren’t children who comment on just any pretty sight they see with air traffic controllers. This was clearly a very unusual occurrence as seen from the cockpit.”

The story’s trajectory is still rising, being picked up by many major news agencies like CBS and BBC.

Update 11-18-18:

There were reported meteors or bolides in the air that night. This dash cam video has surfaced of what some claim is evidence of the bolides. Given the fact that meteors were spotted, the logical explanation would be that is what the pilots reported, conversely, one pilot reported the object “rapidly veered to the north,” which doesn’t fit with a bolide.  Reportedly, authorities are still investigating the event. Whether bolides, UAP or both at the same time, all we really know is perfectly summed up by Mr. Rogoway when he said, “something very strange occured.”


John Burroughs made some interesting comments about how sometimes, UAP are reported during meteor showers. I asked Mr. Burroughs for additional information about this and he was nice enough to reply:

“Project Condign and (Andrew Pike’s) book goes into the fact UAP activity increases during those kind of events. Pike was studying the Phenomenon to include the involvement of that kind of activity. Its boring stuff but the military has been looking at this for years.”

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