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“Chain of Custody Will Likely Never Be Revealed,” – Dr. Davis

Since the amazing gun camera UFO videos were released, the chain of custody documentation has been a hot topic, especially among unconvinced skeptics, and in many ways rightly so. To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science stated in the original FLIR/Nimitz video there was “chain of custody documentation to ensure preservation of its original condition.” The New York Times claims to have seen the documentation before publishing the now historic article on December 16th, 2017. The documentation seems to exist, but will the public get to see it?

As of November 16th, 2018, the chain of custody documentation has not been released. Supporters of TTSA and detractors alike have speculated, and in some cases made wild claims, about why the chain of custody has not seen the light of day. I have thrown around my own theories…maybe people in the pentagon weren’t happy with Luis Elizondo coming forward and TTSA revealing so much? I assumed TTSA at one time thought the chain of custody would be available to the public. Maybe these upset people in the pentagon saw to it that the chain of custody would be buried behind red tape in order to thwart TTSA’s efforts? Or is the answer much more simple than that?

A long (and seemingly forgotten) social media discussion was sent to me by my good friend Dregs. The exchange took place on January 1st, 2018, between Dr. Eric Davis, Grant Cameron, Frank Statler of UFO News Network and many others. In it, Dr. Davis sheds light on why the chain of custody may never become available:

“Yes, the US Navy, Naval Intelligence, and all of the fighter pilots interviewed by a Naval investigation into the encounters have confirmed the reality of the FLIR videos including the associated radar data. This data was stored in a program office’s archives. The data got declassified and released to the public. But chain of custody remains classified to prevent tipping off foreign enemies on the identities of intelligence personnel, their assigned offices, specific intelligence programs that were involved, and technology content origin the data itself. So no, chain of custody will likely never be revealed to protect highly sensitive sources and methods. This is standard military-intelligence protocol. No mystery here because the Federation of American Scientist’s Secrecy News newsletter publishes reports and analysis and government documents that describes all of the rules and regulations involved with anything that is classified secret or higher.”

Dr. Davis’ comments were only weeks after the New York Time’s reveal, and before much of the public’s chain of custody expectations had surfaced. So far, they have remained true.

If the chain of custody documentation would put people at risk and be detrimental to how our government operates than it should not be released, no matter how important it is to TTSA supporters, skeptics and Nimitz Event historians.

With the evidence that has been presented and the witness’ testimony to go along with it, many people, like myself, don’t require chain of custody documentation in order to be confident The Nimitz Encounters were in fact real events.

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