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One of the most important things the world can do to study the Phenomenon is catalog the data and events for further review by researchers, scientists, engineers or even artificial intelligence, to look for patterns and maybe even ultimately… answers. Seemingly millions of dollars have already been spent on these databases by government and private entities alike.

Maybe the most famous, Project Blue Book could be considered one of the first american databases that is openly known. Mark, who created the amazing graphics and video you see above, pointed out that Canada had a thorough database of their own. James reminded me of France’s GEIPAN UAP Investigation Unit worked for three decades collating sightings and field investigations. The always controversial Mufon has a long running database. NICAP has been building a database for a very long time. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell‘s organization, FREE, is another of many experiencer databases. You could even consider the Vatican Archive which was recently talked about by Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka, as one of the oldest databases, or maybe a more appropriate term for it would be catalog.

TTSA, AATIP, AAWSAP, BAASS, NIDS and other endeavors utilize databases. There have been many references to these groups using or planning databases. Let’s take a look:

In an extremely detailed paper, Jacques Vallee spoke extensively about databases and how he worked to create them. One was called “Capella” and has been linked to NIDS and possibly even BAASS. Thanks to “Twitter User Jay” and Keith Basterfield for previously writing about this. In Vallee’s paper “A Strategy for Research” he states:

“In the United States the National Institute for Discovery Science (“NIDS”) and the Bigelow Aerospace Corporation have initiated a series of special catalogues to safeguard their own reports from public source and from their staff. The author was tasked with the development of a data warehouse consisting of 11 separate databases to support this research. The project is known as “Capella.”

The PowerPoint slides from Vallee’s presentation:

Vallee Capella 1

Vallee Capella 2

Vallee Capella 3

Vallee Capella 4

Jacques Vallee also warned against some of the problems that could happen when using databases in this interview with Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka.

In a classic interview with Vallee conducted by George Knapp, Jacques talks about many of these topics. Thanks to James for sending this in:

These historic NIDS slides mention their database:

nids database slide 2

nids database slide 1

During an interview with Dr. Eric Davis, Journalist George Knapp said about the Pentagon UFO study:

“…The database that was put together for this study is… from what’s described to me, gigantic and includes databases collected by other governments and other militaries.”

George Knapp also mentioned the AAWSAP Database in a recent Harry Reid interview segment:

“The Tic Tac UFO which buzzed the USS Nimitz carrier group in 2004 was not only seen by pilots and cameras but also by several high tech sensor systems, as documented in a 13-page report written for the Pentagon, a document that went into the database of AAWSAP, that’s the original acronym for the study Reid sponsored.”

During Dr. Hal Puthoff’s SSE presentation he mentioned data-mining and databases various times:

So, the goals for the To The Stars Academy are to,

Promote the concept that such forefront topics as UFOs, SETI, consciousness studies, even telepathy and psychokinesis should not be considered taboo for serious scientific consideration. So, it’s a perfect match to the SSE because that’s our goal in the SSE as well.

And of course, big ideas that generate funding to underwrite significant research in these areas.

Develop user friendly databases so information that is generated can be accessed by anyone.

Provide positive support for collaborative government, aerospace industry, and academic efforts accomplish all of the above.

puthoff database slide 1

puthoff database slide 2

Robert Bigelow has been compiling data for decades with NIDS and then BAASS and is rumored to have one of the biggest and most comprehensive databases in the world. Since BAASS was the AAWSAP contractor does the Bigelow database overlap with the AAWSAP database? One of the most interesting publicly known cases in the database that we often talk about is the Colares Island Event data, videos and evidence. This is sometimes referred to as Operation Plate or Operation Saucer. Who has access to the Colares Island UFO Events information? I’ve said this before, but releasing it to the public could end up being a smoking gun.

Four of the slides shown during Lue Elizondo’s Mufon presentation talked about data, data collecting and data repositories:

Elizonda Data slide 1

Elizondo data slide 2

Elizondo data slide 3

Elizondo Data slide 4

At the CUN UFO Conference in Italy, Tom Delonge stated some of TTSA’s plans. They include a database with artificial intelligence:

“At this moment, To The Stars” has the first set of major motion pictures and television series in development, the architectural plans for a master database with artificial intelligence, a multi-year, beamed energy program plan to launch satellites into space with lasers and the robust program plans to achieve engineering of the space-time metric. And most people would call that anti-gravity.”

(Transcribed by UFO Joe)

On the To The Stars Academy website, under the “How We Work” section it states:

“The Science Division is designed to be a theoretical and experimental laboratory to challenge conventional thinking with the discovery of a new world of physics and consciousness-related possibilities and exploring how to use them to affect the world positively. We have access to a global team of research scientists with advanced knowledge to pursue projects, which include Human Ultra-Experience DatabaseEngineeringSpace-Time MetricsBrain-Computer Interface, and Telepathy.

Human ultra-experience database – Develop a world-wide digital database cataloguing different types of supranormal experiences, with the goal of creating proprietary algorithms to find detailed patterns and correlate them with other academic research.”

(Thanks to Akam for the tweet.)

TTSA’s newest advisor, Chris Herndon, was an IT security specialist for the White House. His official title was Director of White House Information Technology (“WHIT”) and Deputy Assistant to The President. This document has details about what he did during his time there. He is another valuable and close link between TTSA and Washington. Mr. Herndon worked extensively with data during his career. This idea is pure speculation, but it leaves me wondering if Mr. Herndon will be helping with TTSA’s Database.

As confirmation progresses, these databases could become exceedingly open sourced. Surely, some of the most important evidence, maybe even smoking guns are contained deep inside some of these highly classified catalogs. Will any become public and accessible to the world? We need them. Public access to vast databases could be one of the main keys to confirmation, or even disclosure.


Only days after publishing this article, the TTSA database project has been announced. It’s called Virtual Analytics UAP Learning Tool, or V.A.U.L.T.


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