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Information on TTSA/Unidentified’s Trip to South America

Last November photos were posted on social media showing TTSA member Luis Elizondo filming Unidentified in Argentina and possibly Uruguay, among other countries. Since, various spanish speaking blogs have posted information about the trip, including a letter from Elizondo. A UFO organization that met with Elizondo, CEFORA, has released a statement. As you read on, keep in mind much of the information contained here is taken and translated from Spanish and French speaking blogs and has not been confirmed as accurate by SilvaRecord.com. Thank you to twitter users Akam and Dennis for their research.

This blog states that Luis Elizondo met with Silvia and Andrea Perez Simondini and has photos.



The blog also includes a press release from CEFORA, an Argentine UFO organization. (The press release was translated using Google.)

CEFORA press release:

On November 22, a meeting was held in the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina) with Mr. Luis Elizondo, representative of the To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Science (TTSA) organization who was in the country developing the production for the second season of “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation”, for the History Channel cable signal. Mr. Elizondo, contacted the Directorate of CEFORA, in order to internalize the cases declassified by our organization corresponding to the National Gendarmerie, namely:


At that meeting he was informed about the central aspects of the events and the trades were held, to contact the production with the main witnesses of the cases. On the other hand, knowledge was exchanged on the news of the declassification of the United States Navy that has been widely disseminated in international media, as well as the actions being carried out by the TTSA that are public knowledge.

We thank the organization of the “Unidentified” Production and History Channel for choosing the cases mentioned and the trust placed in our research work covering the UFO declassification process in the Argentine Republic. We remain at the disposal of the producers to facilitate all management for the development of the documentary actions.

This blog posted an alleged letter from Luis Elizondo. This letter has not been confirmed authentic.


A loose translation of the letter:

“I write you to ask you and your organization to continue to ask for declassification of information related to unidentified aerial phenomena. I can not exaggerate the importance of this on the security of our respective countries. I believe with your help, that a change can be produced between our governments that would benefit our people and help us unravel one of the biggest enigmas of our time”

Case #1 seems to be the Bariloche event. Information was found here, and again, keep in mind it is not verified as accurate.

Bariloche ARGENTINA (1995) The incident

The events of Bariloche were not limited to this city alone. He covers a wave of sightings in the southern part of Argentina. A UFO prevented two planes from landing at San Carlos de Bariloche Airport (1,800 km southwest of Buenos Aires). The first aircraft was a Boeing 727 from Aerolinas Argentinas (Flight 674) containing 102 passengers and 3 crew members. The second is an aircraft of the Argentine national gendarmerie with 7 people on board, including the pilot. The commander of Flight 674, while preparing to land, had to make a desperate maneuver to avoid the UFO. The phenomenon lasted about fifteen minutes. During this time, the UFO followed the flight of the Boeing in parallel trajectory distant of a hundred meters.

2 Testimonials:

The pilot of the 727, Jorge Polanco. He lives in Buenos Aires. He claims that 3 pilots and a flight technician saw the phenomenon. Major Jorge Luis Oviedo says he saw nothing when the dispatches said the opposite.

The pilot of the plane of the gendarmerie (Air Force of the Border Police) Ruben Cipuzak. He lives in Buenos Aires. He claims that the Argentine government and the military are not interested in these phenomena. A schoolmaster and a firefighter from the town of Cutral CO, 900 km southwest of Buenos Aires, claimed on August 11, 95, to have observed, and even filmed, a UFO which was at very low altitude. According to the testimony of Luis Luna, there was a power outage throughout the city during the passage of the “phenomenon”. According to his account, he would have seen a very intense and intermittent blue light approaching. The craft, he said again, stopped three meters from the ground and remained motionless for a few seconds.

Firefighter Ismaël Paro and his wife claimed to have witnessed this phenomenon. When they wanted to approach it, their vehicle could not start. More than a hundred other people corroborate these facts and some add that they saw a “door” open. Luis Luna (the schoolmaster) and his wife Irma Almonavit confirmed by telephone that they had witnessed the phenomenon. Irma Almonavit filmed the appearance (intense and changing light).

A cameraman, Pablo Muesca, in Caleta Olivia, province of Santa Cruz, claims that on August 16, 95, he managed to film a UFO. He works for a local city television station. With the camera zoom, he would have clearly observed the changing lights of red, blue and yellow, as well as a strange shape resembling a cube. A 65-year-old man named Zavaletta experienced abduction on July 14. He was walking in the open countryside. He testified: “A cloud arrived and I saw an alien with a lot of copper-colored hair. I felt a pinch in the finger of my left hand, as if I had been stung. Then, the being disappeared and I had the impression of flying away. I realized that I had been drowsy for half an hour and that I was two kilometers from where I thought I was initially. Then he walked all night and was found by the police the next day. His family worried about his disappearance warned the local authorities.
3 Questions?

Baliroche is one of the most top-secret places in Argentina which houses, among others, the Balseiro Institute, an Atomic Research Center and CONAE (Commission Nacional de Investigaciones Espaciales). The latter maintains very close links with NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), as well as with Russian and American agencies. CONAE also works in collaboration with the CNES of Toulouse (France) which houses the SEPRA * (Expertise Service for Atmospheric Return Phenomena). It would seem, once again, that UFOs are very interested in scientific and military installations with a very special mention for space research.
Why would extraterrestrials need to go directly to a site to study it? They would have a technology allowing them to cross relativistic distances but would be unable to spy on us from a distance as, for example, the United States has done for decades. Is this not an illogical element of the UFO file? What would be the logistics of the aliens? How is it that a professional cameraman can film a UFO without the public knowing anything about it? Almost all of the passengers on Flight 674 would have seen the phenomenon. Why did the company refuse to release the list of their names?

Unverified information regarding Case #2 can be found here.

If it makes the cut, the full story surrounding TTSA’s south american trip, and it’s time spent with CEFORA, could air on season two of Unidentified.

If you have more information on any of the cases submit it via the contact page.


Ubatuba UFO Debris Given to Elizondo Claims Andrea Simondini

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