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Danny Sheehan: 2nd Major IG Investigation Initiated by Elizondo

Longtime lawyer involved with the UFO subject, Danny Sheehan, announced he is legal counsel for Lue Elizondo. If that wasn’t big enough news for those following the UFO subject closely, Sheehan is also claiming a “second major (inspector general) investigation (is) going on initiated by Lue Elizondo to look into the people telling lies about him and the AATIP Program.”


The original interview these quotes were pulled from was taken off YouTube, at least publicly, however Grant Cameron and Nicole Sakach interviewed Danny Sheehan on their channel. Mr Sheehan reiterated what he said previously and went into further detail including stating there were not only two Inspector General investigations, there are three. Calling them “investigations” however may not be totally accurate. Earlier today George Knapp and MysteryWire.com published an interview with Elizondo where he said, “It’s not really an investigation, it’s an evaluation.” It seems like “evaluation” is a more accurate term for what the inspector general is doing.

That isn’t the only thing many people seem to disagree with Sheehan about. I received numerous emails and viewed many social media posts quoting Sheehan’s views over his lengthy career up to his interview with Grant and Nicole where people questioned what Sheehan was saying. I stated this on social media myself. Many of us were also left wondering how legal counsel would be able to remark in such an off the cuff fashion about someone they were representing. This leaves the public and those following the subject closely wondering how these opinions fit in with Elizondo’s views. However, this isn’t the first time we have been confronted with this thought. Throughout the course of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, many of us wondered if each member held the same views. The answer seemed to vary. Sometimes views are very similar while sometimes the views were very different. Afterall, each person is unique. While the working relationship between Elizondo and Sheehan is much much different than what transpired at TTSA, I think we can assume a similar standard is in place.

I asked Lue Elizondo about this and he said:

“I do not endorse or reject anybody’s personal beliefs or opinions. I simply find the most qualified person with the best legal track record to represent my legal interests and ultimately, in the interests of disclosure. The personal opinions of individuals is just that, it’s personal. And allow me to reiterate, I am in no position to endorse or reject anyone’s personal views, provided those views do not interfere or infringe with personal rights, liberties or freedoms.”

This statement should now give some piece of mind to everyone wondering where Sheehan’s detailed past and current views intersect with Elizondo’s. Other than from a legal counsel standpoint, they don’t.


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