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Brennan McKernan, UAP Task Force Director

Since Lue Elizondo stepped forward as the point man for one of the government’s UFO/UAP programs, AATIP,  things have changed. From Elizondo’s own words we’ve known AATIP did not end, it transformed. Years later the public found out about an ongoing task force, The UAP Task Force. The leader of this task force was highly regarded. Many who knew him said he did great work and was primed to get things done. This UAPTF director has still not been named. Then, out of nowhere, seemingly for political and possibly suspicious reasons, this person was replaced. The replacement’s reputation was not as stellar as the prior director according to various people “in the know” who have spoken on the record. Rumors circulated that the director was replaced to thwart efforts. The new director, the replacement, wasn’t one to make waves and kick up dust like the original UAPTF director allegedly was. With that said, many of us still stand by the new director and support him for no other reason other than him being the current point man for the program, and well… that’s all we have.

Now in a new Politico article, whether it was appropriate for them to do so or not, the new director has been named. Meet the Navy’s Brennan McKernan. (SilvaRecord.com was also able to secondarily confirm the identity of the director, separate from Politco.) Mr. McKernan’s life (Brennan also apparently co-wrote this article) is about to get a lot more complicated now that he is public, and again, we support him. World, meet Mr. McKernan. Mr. McKernan, you’re famous.

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2 comments on “Brennan McKernan, UAP Task Force Director

  1. Brian Baer

    Sure am proud of this man, it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and inspiration to keep up with this type of thing, lord knows it’s not easy.

    Keep up the great work, we believe in you.

  2. Chris Ruttle

    Great, another irishman along with colm kelleher, fightin for our cause! , best of luck to him i say, i hope he does his country proud😊

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