ODNI Anticipates Updating Congress in 90 Days

On the heels of the historic UAPTF report, the UAPTF director being namednew government directives,  and comments about more reports on the way, many have been wondering what will come next. According to ODNI we have been given a timeframe when they anticipate updating congress. An ODNI source said this:

•ODNI will work with DOD to assist in the development of an overarching UAP collection strategy and R&D technical roadmap, and anticipates updating Congress on these efforts in 90 days. •ODNI prepared this report for the Congressional Intelligence and Armed Services Committees. UAPTF and the ODNI National Intelligence Manager for Aviation drafted this report, with input from USD(I&S), DIA, FBI, NRO, NGA, NSA, Air Force, Army, Navy, Navy/ONI, DARPA, FAA, NOAA, ODNI/NIM-Emerging and Disruptive Technology, ODNI/National Counterintelligence and Security Center, and ODNI/National Intelligence Council.

In other news, regarding “AATIP holdings,” the DIA told researcher Rich Petrillo this:


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2 comments on “ODNI Anticipates Updating Congress in 90 Days

  1. Harry Harris

    At least Congress will be getting a bit more info. Not sure how this will handled publicly especially if many of these encounters fall into the ‘Other’ category.

  2. Billy Hallmon

    We are on a roll…

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