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Updated: UAP Task Force Directives for Fiscal Year 2022

We first heard that a 90 day update, whether it was classified or not was unclear, was due after the UAP Task Force report released in June. Now thanks to a twitter user, new UAP Task Force directives for fiscal year 2022 have been identified.


UPDATE 9-11-21:

According to The FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, The UAP Task Force might be terminated and have it’s duties moved to a new office, but supporters of the UAP Task Force shouldn’t be discouraged. The Task Force becoming permanent, or moving it’s duties to a more solidified office has been the goal all along. The bill’s wording was reported on twitter by D. Dean Johnson accompanied by his analysis. Johnson says this Bill, as well as a separate Bill from July, “should be viewed as proposals– part of a work in progress…” After reading the Bills and Johnson’s analysis, what may happen definitely seems to be up in the air, however the political interest in the UAP subject does not seem to be waning or going away anytime soon, no matter where the United States Government’s UAP responsibilities land. Apparently, and pointed out by Johnson, this amendment was spearheaded by Rep. Ruben Gallego.

6 comments on “Updated: UAP Task Force Directives for Fiscal Year 2022

  1. Brent Hale

    What is going to be interesting is the classification of these reports. If they are merely Restricted, then nothing truly big is in them. Confidential means some concern, but nothing too big. Secret would indeed be interesting (possibly leading to page denials and excising material) but Top Secret would mean they are indeed hiding something substantial and the FOIA release will contain excised material of an extensive nature.

    Hopefully we can get some info on what classification these reports are going to be sitting at.

  2. Harry Harris

    Well these reports if they happen will be classified and most likely not available to the public. This also means that the phenomenon has squarely moved into the political arena. Not sure this is what is wanted by many interested in the subject as transparency in government is subject to all sorts of influences. However, at least the phenomenon is being taken more seriously and should have public institutional support. Hopefully.

  3. Marc-André Coulombe

    Yep, it’s finally happening…!


    It’s happening.

  5. Jon Majerowski

    Nice job Danny


    A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.

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