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BAASS/AAWSAP Niagara Falls UFO Case

Thanks to Dave Altman for the tip.***


Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) and the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP), the precursor to AATIP, remain hot topics due to the surge in UFO coverage since 2017. Anytime a light can be shown on cases BAASS investigated, it is important for the historic record. has been able to confirm a Niagara Falls UFO incident BAASS investigated, however the information is limited.

What we know:

Multiple witnesses saw an unknown object in the sky.

The object was recorded from multiple angles.

BAASS investigators were dispatched to the area.

Several videos were collected by BAASS.

The case was forwarded to AAWSAP and the Defense Intelligence Agency and was added to the AAWSAP files.

Since this was a public case, a quick internet search turned up these videos that might match some of the videos that could have been collected. Whether these are actual videos from the case, or the videos that BAASS collected is NOT KNOWN and unconfirmed.




With the release of this blog, investigators and debunkers alike will pour over the information. The videos included are blurry and makes no assertions they are non-human intelligence or legitimate UFOs. Since this was a known case (just not necessarily BAASS’ involvement was known) more information should be available publicly and as the UFO community shares information, this blog will be updated.


7 comments on “BAASS/AAWSAP Niagara Falls UFO Case

  1. Brent Hale

    Very intruiging indeed. Never thought Niagara Falls as a UFO spot, but this certainly shows it to be so. Wonder if there are other reports/videos of UFO/UAPs there? Hopefully those witnesses (if any) will pop up and share.

  2. Steven Mckeen

    My aunt told me she saw a ufo at Niagra falls on her honeymoon 70 years ago

  3. This is definitely an intriguing sighting! Definitely might be an object there, however I think there might be a more prosaic solution (sadly)…. you will notice that the spotlights pass directly over the ‘object’. This indicates that likely what we are seeing is an unusual reflection occuring. The “eyes’ of the object are actually the reflection of lights pointing straight up, likely from the spot light mechanism. Then the spotlights converge on that spot and reflect brightly off the clouds/mist/ice crystals, whatever is up there. The effect likely only happens when conditions are right. This would explain the silence, the fact that it doesn’t move, and that it stayed for hours. I realize this isn’t as exciting as an alien craft (I really wish it was), but it makes more sense imo…

  4. I’m the guy talking in the video,
    I heard no noise at all it was 100 percent silent.

    I know it was higher up than the Skylon Tower, which is 489 ft.
    I was talking to friends on the phone after and they saw it over the tourist district from the other side of the city.

  5. Potential BAAS involvement is really interesting. Thanks for highlighting that. Would be great to get more info about that. For those interested there’s actually a lot of videos of this Niagra UFO case occuring at different times over the years. This Above Top Secret thread has a bunch of them. Some are convinced it was a sort of light pillar effect. Others, not so much.

  6. This is great, Danny. Thanks for sharing.

    The reaction of those two guys in the third video is fantastic. The sheer joy and bewilderment in real time reminds me of the “whoa hoooo, got it” of GoFast fame.

  7. LeRoy Clark

    It somewhat resembles a biological ameoba cell behavior.

    Did anyone notice a halo around it?

    Any noise?
    Any estimate of distance from the camera?


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