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Metamaterials Not From Earth

Metamaterials, in this context defined as pieces of UFOs, debris, implants or other exotic items have been a huge topic since they were referenced in the New York Times piece on December 16th, 2017 and long before that, as well. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes regarding these materials. Data and information will be coming to light via To the Stars Academy’s ADAM Research Project and most likely other groups. Some of the work has been described in Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka’s amazing book, “American Cosmic: UFOs Religion, Technology.” I can’t say for sure, but I have a hunch that behind the scenes, conclusions have been made about how these authentic Metamaterials were constructed in zero or microgravity and most likely not manufactured on Earth.


Mr. George Knapp has been reporting on this for years. As a primer, here is one of his heavy hitting reports on the subject.

Tom Delonge brought up the Metamaterials during his interview with Joe Rogan in 2017:

Delonge: “…looking at debris that they probably still have in a warehouse, going ‘we have no f*****g clue how to make this or back engineer this stuff.’ I mean, there’s a piece of metal, from a crash that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen the science on it, and it’s so… it’s atomically aligned and it’s layered in like eighty layers within just a few microns of purities of metal that aren’t even in our solar system and they think it needs to be made in an area where there’s no gravity. So, number one, it has to be made in space. Number two, even if we were to create a machine that can potentially do some of this stuff, 3D printing layers of different metals of obscene purities, it would cost hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. We don’t even have that.”

Rogan: “What did they think? That it was made without gravity?”

Delonge: “Because I think it’s the atomic structure. So what happens is when you radiate it with Terahertz, it loses mass, something weird. It resonates some kind of harmonic, and then it gets lighter and if you hit it with enough terahertz it’ll float. So we’re going to be showing people this stuff. We’re going to be bringing out the hardware, some of the hardware. We’re going to be bringing out implants. We’re going to be bring out videos. We’re going to bringing out some other stuff.”

Rogan: “So you are going to be showing people this actual piece of metal that was constructed in a zero gravity environment in space and if you hit it with enough energy it becomes weightless?”

Delonge: “I wouldn’t say weightless, I don’t know if we can make enough energy to do that, but yes, that is our plan, and show the experiment.”

Since Tom’s interview, not only was the New York Times article published, AATIP revealed, and military videos released, backing up some of his claims, but the ADAM Research Project was launched:

In Dr. Diana Pasulka’s book it is stated:

“James and Tyler believed they had evidence, not just faith, to support their belief in the extraterrestrial source of the artifacts and the authenticity of the crash site. Prior to this trip, Tyler had given James an analysis of some of the parts. James knew what he was looking at, and, according to him, if this analysis actually corresponded to the makeup of the artifacts, then they were one of two things: they were something that someone paid millions, if not billions, of dollars to fabricate or “something” made them somewhere other than on Earth with technologies we did not understand.”

Dr. Pasulka also stated in her book:

Pasulka Quote Graphic

The quote was made into a graphic by James Iandoli of Engaging the Phenomenon and UFO News Network Sunday Livestream.


James Iandoli reminded me of this classic presentation by Jacques Vallee. I won’t attempt to summarize this presentation.

Vallee’s work is nothing less than historic.

Here are slides from Drs Vallee and Nolan, as well. Submitted by Fredrik E.

Dr. Hal Puthoff spoke about the Metamaterials in his speech at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in June, 2018.

“So let me give you an example of, how this stuff helps people who are chasing these really difficult problems. I’m choosing one here: metamaterials for aerospace use. I’d love to talk about really fancy materials, but they’re classified. However, there’s a lot of materials that have been picked up or provided even in the public domain. I’m going to give an example because it shows exactly what the structure is for how to deal with this. This is an open source sample. It was sent anonymously to talk show host Art Bell. The fellow claimed to be in the military. He said that this sample was picked up in a crash retrieval, and so he sent it by email. So what does that mean? Chain of custody non-existent.  Provenance questionable.  Could be a hoax. Could be some slag off of some foundry floor or whatever. However, it was an unusual sample, so we decided to take a look at it.

It was a multilayered bismuth and magnesium sample. Bismuth layers less than a human hair. Magnesium samples about ten-times the size of a human hair. Supposedly picked up in the crash retrieval of an Advanced Aerospace Vehicle. It looks like it’s been in a crash. The white lines are the bismuth; the darker areas are the magnesium separations. So the question was what about this material, so naturally we looked in all the national labs, we talked to metallurgists, we combed the entire structure of published papers. Nowhere could we find any evidence that anybody ever made one of these.

Secondly, some attempts were made to try to reproduce this material, but they couldn’t get the bismuth and magnesium layers to bond.

Thirdly, when we talked to people in the materials field who should know, they said we don’t know why anybody would want to make anything like this. It’s not obvious that it has any function.

Well, years later, decades later actually, finally our own science moves along. We move into an area called metamaterials, and it turns out exactly this combination of materials at exactly those dimensions turn out to be an excellent microscopic waveguide for very high frequency electromagnetic radiation terahertz frequencies. So, the wavelength is 60 microns, which is a pretty small size. But it turns out because of the metamaterial aspect of this material, those bismuth layers that act as waveguides can be one twentieth the size of the wavelength, and usually when you make a waveguide it’s gotta be about the size of the wavelength. So, in fact this turned out to be a material that would propagate sub-wavelength waveguide effects. Why somebody wants to do that we still don’t know the answer to that.

But anyway, it’s amazing we’ve gone through this and this is the kind of structure we go through a lot. You get a material sample with unusual characteristics to be evaluated, the method of manufacture is difficult to assess or reproduce, the purpose of the function is not readily apparent – as with our sample here, and then as our own technical knowledge moves forward we finally see a possible purpose or function comes to light. That sequence is repeated over and over in this particular area.”

The transcript is from the Paradigm Research Group website.

Frank Statler of UFO News Network Sunday wrote a thorough blog about MetaMaterials with astonishing comments from Dr. Garry Nolan. It’s not to be missed:

Frank Statler: “Can you give us a little background on the nature of the recovered materials mentioned in the New York Times story?”

Dr. Garry Nolan: These are not your grandma’s alloys. If these materials truly exist– they are going to be found to be metamaterials. Though I call them metamaterials– it’s really for lack of a better term. They are probably even more engineered and subtle than that. The science of metamaterials is only a few decades old, but there is a whole ecosystem of new journals growing up around their unexpected and wondrous properties. One way to think about metamaterials is that is, basically, quantum engineering—working with “normal” matter in a way that takes advantage of properties we don’t fully appreciate yet. We draw the physical universe with only 80 elements. I would guess—just hypothesis– that “they” (an advanced civilization) that we might infer can accomplish some of the feats observed by the pilots understand the subtleties of isotopes and design with all 253 stable isotopes. The metamaterials “they” could design would be more subtle and likely encompass a greater understanding of reality and physics than we know now.

Remember, isotopes of a given element have the same electronic configuration, so they form covalent bonds similar to their sister isotopes (though with subtle differences in bond strengths). However, their nuclei have different spins for instance with, at times, unpaired neutrons. The various nuclear configurations gives rise to multiple fascinating opportunities in designing metamaterials. Want to know what your children should be studying in school? Physics, metallurgy, and advanced composite materials.

People interested in understanding the reality of what’s going on with these metamaterials (so-called alloys) need to understand this: . There are 253 isotopes that do not undergo radioactive decay in any reasonable time frame. This page has a table of nuclides where the grey boxes denote the 253 stable isotopes. Some elements, such as aluminum, have only 1 stable isotope. Titanium and nickel each have 5 stable isotopes. Tin (Sn) has eight! There are natural ratios of these isotopes that are largely governed by stellar decay processes, centrifugal forces (solar and other) during planetary formation, and proximity to gamma and other radiation sources. The ratios vary only slightly (maximum a couple percent) across a solar system. Significant variations in isotope ratios imply either engineering of the ratios for a purpose, or that the materials came from somewhere that does not “play by our rules”.

My suspicion is that a foundational difference is the nuclear spin of these isotopes (and other quantum features associated with different arrangements of the nuclear shells in the different isotopes) that affects how they behave/contribute in these composites or metamaterial structures.

We use a lot of these isotopes in my lab at Stanford — —purely as tags in biology experiments. We don’t come close to using them in the way I am suggesting above. 


The Times claimed that Bigelow Aerospace, under the contract of AAWSAP housed Metamaterials in their Las Vegas facility. We later found out that might not be the case, or the whole picture, but it’s my opinion that NIDS, BAASS and/or Bigelow Aerospace did in fact possess these samples.

Here is a statement from Robert Bigelow himself, almost exactly nineteen years ago to the date:

Non-Terrestrial Permutations and Impacts
as Related to Access and Use of Terrestrial Resources

Robert Bigelow

January, 2000


In a round about way, I recently experienced a personal revelation. For the last several months I have been thinking of ways to enhance various business plans related to commercialization of space. These involve transportation systems and economically justifiable destinations.

Naturally, what you can do or produce on an orbiting system that creates special or unique value becomes very, very important for the business case. While reading and talking on this subject, I reinforced what I previously knew a little but not nearly enough; and, that was that many unique and  often profoundly special reactions occur upon organic and non-organic substances in a microgravity environment that happen nowhere else. We all know of the usual cast of characters but, I’m talking about ones you normally don’t read about.

As it turns out in processes affecting non-organic substances for example, it is possible to create materials, components and products that are totally in a class by themselves. Nowhere, terrestrially, can any of these items with their unique performance capabilities be made. I’m getting closer to my revelation. What is the implication here? Well, I believe that components for advanced spacecraft can be manufactured in a microgravity environment that cannot be duplicated on the surface of a planet.

And now here is my theory. I strongly believe that at least some UFOs owe their beginnings to being manufactured whole or in substantial part from materials made in a microgravity environment. Competitively, we might well be working with a periodic table containing much fewer elements compared to a species that has access to those same elements but has fully achieved manufacturing and experimentation in space on a significant scale.

I believe, so long as a species remains planet-bound in their manufacturing processes, they will not avail themselves of the resource necessary to make interstellar craft. They will only develop what terrestrial processes allow.

As for our UFO friends, we will not begin to match their early craft until we also begin to exploit space for manufacturing purposes.

Thank you.

Robert T. Bigelow

Mr. George Knapp gave an update on Robert Bigelow’s progress during an interview with Phenomenon Radio in 2018. I would recommend listening to the entire interview, it is a blockbuster.

Linda Moulton Howe: “George do you think that Robert Bigelow’s blow-up units going to Mars, going to the moon, out to the lagrange points… that he, Robert Bigelow, through what he is manufacturing to be placed in these exoplanetary systems, that he will finally start? Have you ever talked with him about his learning more from deeper inside, the… we’ll call it the deep state, that is now bandied about so much?”

George Knapp: “Well, I most certainly have talked to him, at length, over many years about exactly that. I think that, I’d have to say that those conversations for now are private and when…I’ve tried to get the the okay to go forward on some of that, but our agreement was it would remain private. I think he has been… his understanding of it has greatly expanded in the last several years. His total focus now is on his space program, but I think that you’re on the right track there and asking whether the expandable habitats could be part of the mystery, part of getting to the bottom of it. And I’ll tell you how. It’s the Metamaterials that we have discussed. You know Hal Puthoff and Eric Davis and others are trying to figure out what those things are and how they work and why they would be so important to the kind of magical propulsion systems that we’ve seen on the videos that have come out of the Pentagon. I think one conclusion that has been reached is that these things were made somewhere else. That we can’t manufacture these things on earth, not using our current technology. The possibility is, and even maybe the likelihood is, they were created in in zero gravity. You need zero gravity to make them. Well, we don’t have any manufacturing facilities in space, so whoever made them, it’s not us. So maybe if we do have habitats, and a permanent presence in space, and larger and larger space stations, that eventually we’ll be able to make this kind of stuff ourselves in zero gravity. We can’t do it now, but Bob Bigelow, the central focus of his life is creating platforms where we might be able to do it someday.”

I spoke to one of the elite researchers in the field, Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell, about the Metamaterials. He was gracious enough to submit these exclusive comments that sum up the article eloquently. To follow Jeremy’s groundbreaking work visit  I can’t thank him enough.

“On my journey as a filmmaker to grasp the UFO problem from a technological point of view, it’s my understanding that the current state of material science is the nagging barrier to our development.

The Earthy replication of exotic and seemingly “non-terrestrial” technologies – observed by military and civilians alike – is hindered by the physical materials we are capable of fabricating or procuring.

Metamaterials certainly represent fabricated technologies that provide new opportunities, unseen by humanity before. A simple example would be the super-superconductivity and strength of Graphene. A not-so-simple example might be on the horizon.

The concept of a micro-gravity production environment – as championed by Robert Bigelow and reported on by George Knapp – is one single aspect of a much larger push to unravel the physical blockades preventing us from utilizing an exotic physics that we are just starting to understand.

I suspect that with each leap in the development of our material science, we will discover new ways of accessing the fundamental nature of the physical universe. And that with each discovery will be a new vista – a plateau to view our past ignorance from. What today seems like magic, will seem commonplace tomorrow. We will quickly take for granted the discoveries of our ancestors with an irreverence – and with a hunger for the future.

Ultimately there might be a singular breakthrough-technology that forever launches us from the shores of the past. However, it might not be quite that dramatic.

As long as we continue to explore the physical mystery of the UFO and the Un-Funded Opportunities (as Ben Rich would say)… I imagine we will get there – in time.

And we are indeed exploring UFOs – currently – in every branch of the United States military and intelligence networks. We have seasoned programs attempting to tackle every aspect of the problem.

Maybe physical materials is the next to be revealed. And maybe it will be the Pandora’s Box that some are hoping for.

With curiosity comes discovery; and with discovery comes greater curiosity.

I am optimistic that time will tell.”

Update #1:

On 2-16-19 Tom Delonge stated:

“Major breakthrough with the ADAM Project, TTSA is the first Private Company in the world to have achieved this… Working on what exactly the conversation should/can be.”

Tom Delonge again stated on 2-19-19:

“We have achieved an enormous and revolutionary breakthrough with the A.D.A.M. Material Science Project”

Update #2:

These People Claim UFO Artifacts are Held by the Government and/or Contractors

Update #3:

Ubatuba UFO Debris Given to Elizondo Claims Andrea Simondini


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19 comments on “Metamaterials Not From Earth

  1. For a PhD with a background in material science, that is very interesting information. Keep bringing light on those subject Danny. We should also bring Deep Prasad on the conversation.

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  6. Hiram Berry

    Oh sorry, three more observations on Art’s Part. To Amy: the thickness of many of the sublayers is close to 60 microns or a multiple; 5 sublayers between the 4th and 5th Bi layers subtend about 300 microns, so you’re probably on to something. Second, this is insanely speculative but… a guy named Bob Lazar claimed to worked at Area 51 on alien craft that he said had moscovium in its hull. Moscovium is in the nitrogen group (Va old-style,15 new-style) on the periodic table right below bismuth. While only a few short-lived (because of low n/p ratio) atoms of Mc have been made, there are predicted to be more stable isotope at higher number of neutrons including one with nuclear shells filled analogously to Bi_209, ie. high nuclear spin. So we might speculate that Mc would work even better than Bi in this role. Or that Art’s Part is an attempted copy of actual recovered debris… but the people at Area 51 didn’t have any moscovium so they used bismuth in the mock-up, and then Art Bell ended up with a piece of that. Third, there was I think a very insightful comment was made in part 6 of Linda’s commentary on the parts: “the key to the layered metals’ function is not in Hertzian waveforms, but in Nikola Tesla’s discovery of non-Hertzian waveforms and transition pulses.” I completely agree. The boundary conditions at the metallic interfaces would surely need to take this into account and as I understand it the bismuth nuclei are acting almost like pumped subcritical wormholes; how could the accepted equations of quantumelectrodynamics in free space be at all applicable in these conditions? We need to revisit, extend and apply Tesla’s discovery to the metallic metamaterials.

  7. Viktor Golubic

    Concerning Arts Parts:

    6/19/2019 04:32:16 pm
    Update: After seeing closeups of the layers, and more material from the collection received by Linda Howe, I strongly believe the layered material is non substrate overspray accumulation deposit from high purity Bismuth (routinely available as a sputtering target) and high purity Magnesium/Zinc targets (typically available as a 99/1% Sputtering target) from a Magnetron Sputtering Chamber using Argon Plasma as the Sputtering Ion. Since Zn sputters at a higher rate than magnesium you will typically see it deposit at 97/3% from a 99/1% source, which is exact what we find to be its composition. The chamber targets are typically 2 inches in diameter with a machine finish. In Linda’s 3 part presentation on YouTube, we see an 2 inch Sputtering target in the collection she received, providing further proof of this origin. The complete layers would take about 125 to 150 hours to deposit. Typically the chambers aren’t cleaned often allowing this accidental accumulation on the inside machine rough surfaces within the same chamber which account for its undulating growth as a slag waste material over time. I would look for subtle oxidation surfaces within the layers to determine how often the chamber was possibly opened and exposed to air during substrate part change-outs. The actual substrate or part being coated is unknown, but patent searches reveal many possibilities for seeing these metals in close association with one another as part of more complete processes.

    6/19/2019 04:47:09 pm
    Adding further… the greatest radius of curvature of the part may also reveal the size of the deposition chamber along several possible surfaces within its housing … that it would have accumulated upon as layers from each separate puttering episode. It could then be compared with those likely chambers in the market.

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  9. Im not a physicist, or anybody else that has a clue…but….. It seems to me that puthoff answered his own question, as to the purpose of the mg/bi material, in his speech to sse. The alcubierre drive or the creation of a stable transversable wormhole creates a blue shift, an “upward” shift in em frequency. The mg/bi metamaterial seems to have been engineered to be a microscopic wave guide that works at 1/20th the 60 micron wavelength of the material. This is anomalous because a waveguide usually has to match the wavelength being guided. So…..perhaps the material was engineered to operate as a waveguide under navigational situations where em frequencies would be blue shifted. Ie. What would happen to your toaster if you plugged it into a 220 outlet? It would prob. Catch on fire. What would happen to your ufo “electronic systems” if you engineered a wormhole and blueshifted your way through it? You would have to have circuits that could handle various frequencies as ratios of each other and still perform the right functions.

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  12. Jonathan Landry

    Harry Reid mentions there were “pieces” of evidence, in his interview with George Knapp. I’m wondering when will independent analysis of these items be released.

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  14. Leonid Vyugin

    This topic gave me new clues for farther investigation and experiments. No wonder why they are interested in nuclear power plants and magnesium based materials. However something is missing in this whole chain.

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  16. Kenneth King

    I’m super curious as to why UFO’s have almost completely disappeared from our skies starting in 2015. Are “They” now cloaked or have They retreated for reasons that only the Military knows? Does anybody, can anybody know?

    Either way, to me, it’s a very ominous sign.

  17. Harry Harris

    This seems to be a really good synopsis of what currently can be publicized about these materials. It almost now seems impossible that the military complex has not been studying and maybe even trying to apply what they could ascertain about these materials to new technologies etc. for years maybe even decades. But it looks like possibly the ‘cat is out of the bag’. Still there needs to be more confirmation from different sources to really legitimize the findings but its a great start.

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  19. Marc Hurlbert

    From Hal Puthoff’s statements, he seems to confirm that there are even more exotic meta-materials from UAP crashes that are hidden within the “black” sectors of our government.

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